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it's goodbye for now

it's been close to 8 years since I've been blogging at livejournal.
OMG, 8 years??? it sure didn't feel so long...

livejournal has indeed been with me through all my ups and downs through all this time. i guess 1 reason i stuck by it was that everything was pretty much fuss-free. there's a template for everything and using it has been a no-brainer.

I wasn't actually planning on shifting. It was more of an impulse. I've been procrastinating with my blog posts of late and just couldn't seem to get motivated to jot them down here even though I know that I want to. Seirye was showing me some function on wordpress and then I spent the entire afternoon yesterday meddling with it and soon i was exporting and playing around with "widgets".

and today, i started blogging again. I hope it is a good start. Maybe all I needed was something fresh to play with.

So yes, I've decided to move over to wordpress and you can find me here: http://blurfaerie.wordpress.com/

( will continue to keep my livejournal account, who knows i may come back again too)


i heard this song before and didn't really liked it.
i was like : huh??? 这样也可以是歌 (songs can be like this too)??? omg!!!

then this song came up from the youtube playlist as i was working late last night and it totally cracked me up la!

esp the Ring-ding-ding-ding-dingeringeding part...  seriously!!!!

not believing what i was hearing i actually switch the screen to the youtube page and the music video is even "better"
i was laughing myself silly at 2.30am in the study room till i had tears in my eyes...how did everyone keep a straight face in the music video???
esp the singer who looked so serious wearing the fox suit + make up ... omg

super entertaining... WHAT DOES THE FOX SAY?


On 初四,

Went for my final check up at TTS hospital, breast clinic!

Did a scan the week before and this time to see doc for results.

And I'm discharged!!! Yeah~ (does happy dance) so happy :D
Discharge means that I need not go back for any more follow ups. But i should still need to practice self checks (as all woman should) and should I think something's not right, go back to polyclinic and get a referral letter again.

Nevertheless, it IS good news. Worth the 1.5 hour long wait to see doc. Even happier my appt w doc is over in a short 2 mins.

On another note, there's always a lot of patients at the clinic. I can really empathize with the women there. Most of them look really worried. Some came w their husbands, some with their children and some are alone. Because there's so much patients, the waiting time is always very long, despite the fact that we all have appointments. (I've waited >2 hours before) and there's basically nothing u can do at the clinic but wait so thoughts can fly while you sit. So it's good if there's someone to hold your hand there. Otherwise, bring a book/iPad along...
It wouldn't hurt to chat with the other ladies too (if they are friendly)
During one of my long waits, I chatted with 2 other patients (our nos are in running order and happen to be the last 3 patients) we finally gave up trying to be preoccupied and shared our conditions and comfort the one who was there the 1st time. ( the other had done biopsy and mine was simply a checkup to check on the wound) we encouraged each other and thankfully everyone finished the check up with smiles.

Anyway, I'm just really happy and relieved and that's the best news I have this CNY to share :D I skipped a cousins gathering for this appointment but so worth it.

Happy Chinese New Year!!!

Technically speaking I'm not late cos it's still CNY!!! Hehe...
Actually I did typed up a long entry on 初二 but then the app crashed. I was super frustrated and so didn't bother to try again till now.

Dear dear and I don't really have a lot of visiting to do. Just to his parents' place and my parents' place but that didn't stop us from dressing up as everyone else ;) am wearing this sweet floral dress he got me sometime ago. Been saving it cos it is so perfect for CNY, don't you think? The only grumble I have of the dress is that I have rather broad shoulders and the dress is totally not elastic and so I can't quite do the "off shoulder" look, haha..,

Anyway, we ate really a lot cos both our parents cooked up a feast!!! We stuffed our faces silly with all the 好料 :D

On 大年初二,we nua-ed at home till evening before making our way to crispy prata for dinner

Us waiting hungrily for our food...

Since no visiting, don't really need to doll up liao :p

We then make our way to River Angpow! It was super crowded but luckily the weather is cooling :)

We forgot to bring our camera so not much pics to show... iPhone can't really take nice night shots :(

The atmosphere was great, we even lingered at the 猜灯谜 section though we know absolutely nothing. It seems really interesting and everyone guessing are so knowledgeable.

Too many people but we managed to take pic with our horoscopes

Mr goat:

And miss piggy

And not forgetting 财神爷!

May this be a prosperous year for PlusPink!

Finally made our way home where we had supper (CNY is such a great festival to "let go") and played munchkin :)

We decided we've been stuffing ourselves with too much goodies and head to gym on 初三.
After gym:

Did Sh'bam and combat... Nearly died...

This was our breakfast cum lunch cum dinner

Poulet! Finally got to try it after hearing many reviews. It's yummy!!! Heard the mushroom soup is great. Gotta try that one day soon ;)

Afterwhich, we just shopped ard west gate /jem. Bought the huge hair band below on impulse... Haha... Matches my outfit that day.

Fooling ard with this Herchel backpack. Love the design and the colour but the size is too big la... Haha... Look funny carrying the bag and I am no petite girl lo...

Outfit for the day: monochrome
And wore my Melissa out that day too!

Lol... Strange pic right? Took it just before I put it on after gym. It's so pretty, my precious. It's the only thing i splurged on for this CNY since I didn't need to shop for clothes. Heard and read lots of great reviews and decided to give it a try. Got it online at a discounted price (think $84) and I still find it really expensive. Hope it is as lasting as the reviews say. But it is indeed very comfy and smells delicious!

PlusPink also 开工yesterday! We had Yu Sheng, hoping this year will be a great year for PlusPink!

After all the feasting, my weight is rocketing man... Time to really kick start my gym sessions again too!

Horse year is supposed to be not bad for piggy, yeah! To a great year ahead!!!

seemed so looong ago...

this has got to be one of the most memorable performance for me.
the first time i perform in my fav pink costume *beams* but nervous as hell cos we never really nailed the choreography. there's always some places we mess up and rarely we managed to practice without any mishaps.

venue of the party is at Le Danz. It's shifted since Sun Tec went under renovation and it's the 1st time i was there.
i prefer the old location :p but i guess we don't really have a choice.

afternoon tech run

us at the venue

Cynthia helping cass with the hair.
Speaking of which, i finally learned the french braid becos of this performance! lol... we had to do a half french braid for this choreo and i practiced like mad to learn it. the 2 weeks before the performance, i made it a point to tie up the hair everyday to finally master it :p

me, doing warm up

fooling ard

masaya, helen mike and arvind

everyone practicing hard... guess everyone was as nervous!

we had a horrible tech run. we were so messy and not i sync and full of mistakes.... that Dennis blew up at us. i guess all of us have some kind of difficulty, esp shocking when we realized the dance floor is smaller than what we expected. but after the scolding, we did wake up our idea and did better for the subsequent runs....

while the rest went back to the studio to make up and prepare, dear dear and i met up with KJ, Van and JR for dinner. so glad i did cos i FORGOT to bring my cosmetic pouch and there are 2 great make up artists (KJ and Van) there to save me... lol.

it's so funny cos i did my eye make up (just short of fake lash) already and the first thing KJ said to me was "dear, don't tell me that is your stage make up..."
i was like "of cos la... it is so 浓 (heavy)!!!"
and they both rolled their eyes "this is what i would wear to go work lo...."

but i must say my make up definitely level up after they touch up for me... haha!

thank you KJ!!! (i did my own hair... so proud of myself... wahahaha)

the theme of the party was ROCK STAR, they dress up so well for it!

the guys

alvin (kerri's bf), JR and dear dear
JR looks so diff (in a better way) with eyeliner... haha.. that's like super rare for guys i think...

dear dear and i

they are super effort lo... spraying their hair with pink streaks to match our costumes =D

and that's me admiring the bouquet ZJ got me for the performance... haha...
she had to leave to celebrate her friends' bday

back to Le Danz to get ready... some photos with june and jackson!

june totally rockz!!!

jackson too! all dressed up in black except me... anyway, that's just half my get up, i changed into a legging with gold baroque details after the performance (and sadly never take any pic)

here's me with dear KJ who did miracle to my face... i don't know how she did it but it's MAGIC... many people commented my eyes were HUGE!

hurried to change into our costumes when we realized the rest are back with costumes changed alrdy! lol...

our costume super not rock lo... haha... but i love it....

ZJ managed to come before the performance! she managed to leave early from the celebration to come... so touched

everyone super effort right? all like rock stars...

then there's lots of photo-taking

fioeve, carol, KJ, ZJ, Eliane and i

Jeslin and I. we are about the same height and build so we are usually always near each other in our routines.
we face the same problem of sticking out cos the rest of the girls are so petite... sighz...

oh my... the honor of taking pic with THE BODIES of the team!!!

Kervin and Daniel

this is so funnie!

Darren and dear dear

fun shot with kervin

just cos he's THE BODY... whahaha...

dear dear and i... not sure why it looks like i'm towering over him in this pic... lol...

haha... he and his signature smile...

just standing ard and waiting

and cheering ourselves on minutes before our performance

and here goes!

i was rather nervous during the performance cos i knew we didnt do well for the rehearsal. there's this trick where the guys will swing the girls over their back and we were on the most left side, 2nd row. Helen (another tall girl) was beside me and during the tech run, her heels glazed dear dear's arm cos we were too close. and that's also because the dance floor is smaller in width. Dennis told me to move outward more and said they will try to clear the crowd at the side... but also gave me "permission" to kick anyone who didnt know to make way or siam my legs..

i forgot about it during the early part of the performance until i walked towards my position for the ladies shines... the crowd was like in-my-face!!! i nearly panicked and think i was in a daze as i did my shines...
in the end, i positioned myself slightly behind Helen just before we did the trick and HENG ah... no accidents and no audience harmed... lol

i think dear dear and i did well for this performance =D

my fav pic by the photographer...

group pic with our instructors after the performance

with our friends

JR, Kevin, ZJ, Karen, Van, KJ, dear dear, I, Helen and bf
thank you all for coming to support us!
Helen and I look kinda alike, don't u think? we are both tall, fair and with fringe ..

with JR, ZJ and KJ

with dear Jing... she has slimmed down so much!

thank you so much for the flowers!

Pink, my fav and also match my costume!

ok, these few photos are quite funny... and there's a private joke to it
we'd joked that we look like flamingo in this costume... and it stucked... haha!

2 lost flamingo in the city...

once we changed into the party costume... we hurried to watch the record of our performance

it's nerve-wrecking to watch see if we did well... haha

a group photo with the main team and as cheers to our performance (all in rock star gear now)!!!

it's indeed a memorable night. i remember i was feeling rather bittersweet and wanted to capture and remember everything that night as we were thinking of leaving the team soon.

Dancing with the team

i'm not quite sure how to begin this entry. should i blog about the JJsalsaRengue 12th annual party and SISF 1st or that dear dear and I have made the painful decision to withdraw from the team.
so i decide that...  heck, i'll blog about this first and then update the pics from the latest performances in another post so that this entry will not be too long.

i guess we'd actually always known , even when we first joined the JRTteam, that we will not be dancing with the team forever. we'd just gotten married and wanted to enjoy some honeymoon period when June (our instructor, not my friend) approached us. of cos, we grabbed the opportunity, not knowing what we are getting ourselves into.

at the first training, we've only got each other and KJ... as for the rest, we didn't know any of them and everyone seems so much better than us. we barely survived the 1st day of training cos we were all so unfit. slowly but surely, with the help of our instructors, we began to hone our bodies and also improve our techniques. the team started off with 2 sets of instructors: Jackson & June and Dennis and Gaik Leng.
After many intensive trainings in the months to follow, we made our debut at the JJsalsaRengue's 11th annual party:

we were and still is one of the biggest teams to perform, which also pose challenges for us, esp the synchronization part. I remembered how nerve-wrecking it was as we waited behind those doors and how much adrenaline i was feeling as i danced. my nose was dripping all the while. i was recalling all the things to note as i was dancing and before i know it, we are done!

the team shot

with June

with Dennis and Gaik

and just us at our 1st performance.

and then we performed the same item on the big stage: SISF2012

i rem i was soooo ill then but i so badly wanted to do well... this time, i experienced no jitters at all... just pure determination to finish the performance. and we did it :)

us cheering after another successful performance!

with Dennis and Gaik again!

just us...

still... it wasn't till the next choreography that the team starts to gel together more... we became more friends than just team mates. we joke and laugh during PT and chat on whatsapp outside trainings.
By this time, Dennis and Gaik Leng were put in charge of JRT as JJ coached the student performance team.
this is by far, my fav choreo to date as the item wasn't pure salsa. we also received a lot more positive feedback for this item!
this is also one of the more painful trainings as we could only wear foot thongs instead of shoes.

all of us girls had super ugly feet with blisters, hard skin and chipped pedicures and yet, we're proud of them feet.

we also had the chance to design our own costume, this is our group's!

the performance:

with Dennis. this was also KJ's last performance as she need to busy herself with her wedding

just us

we had another chance to perform this choreo at Union Sq. we only had 3 trainings to familiarize our new positions as we were to replace another couple who were in opposite directions.

i experienced a minor / major drama when my belt came off at the beginning of the performance and had to finish the entire performance with it flapping around (to my dismay)
and dear dear actually performed with a sprained wrist. it's a miracle performance  for us in my opinion. he couldn't use strength in his wrist and in many occurrences, i could only depend on myself. it was the most nerve-wrecking performances i'd ever done. was so relieved after that that i drank a lot of red wine and got high ;) lol...

that was probably the 1st time we started considering about withdrawing from the team. not because we do not want to be in it. in fact, by then we LOVE being part of it. the JRT is now a family to us instead of people we meet to train and dance together...
but there are other factors that we needed to consider. his career, my PlusPink and of cos, family planning.
Hence, we decided... just one more choreo... so that we could enjoy the big stage at SISF once more... to end this amazing journey with a big bang.
It was really sad for me to think of this as the last choreo as we learn and train for it, esp when friends were discussing about future performances together, costumes etc. this choreo, was definitely harder but training remains fun and enjoyable. the team trained hard together and have fun together.
I was secretly delighted to know our costume is PINK, my fav colour... despite the fact that the guys were all groaning... haha!
this has got to be my FAVORITE costume. not only cos it's pink but it has got lovely tassles!


so pretty right?

but i gotta admit the guys got it worse... theirs were not only pink... theirs was deep V and SHEER!!!

the girls were complaining our costume bares too much skin (cos it's bare back) but we all shut up when we saw the guys'... lol...
the guys all started pumping at the gym after the first fitting to pump up their chest and grow their biceps... it was really funny.

the first time we performed this item was at the JJsalsaRengue 12th Annual Party on Oct 5, 2013

unlike other times, dear dear and i were nervous about this choreo because of the tricks and the difficulty level. it's not every run that we manage to execute everything smoothly. in addition the dance floor was actually smaller than the studio and i was definitely afraid of accidents, esp during tricks.

but... all turns out well!!! in fact, we were actually very synchronized!!! super proud of ourselves and the team =D

my fav shot of the performance!

group pic with Jackson & June, Dennis & Gaik and the team after performance

another one where we all changed out into our rock star persona and cheering

it was a bitter sweet night for me... kind of like... counting down to our last few performances with the team. i guess dear dear felt the same. we had a discussion again after that night... and we pondered about staying with the team, at least till end of March this year, where we will perform at the bash.

it was like an emotional roller coaster for me. when we had first thought this will be our last choreo, i went to every training managing my expectations and emotions so that i wont be too sad about leaving... but when we decided we would be staying, i changed my mindset again and i was definitely more eager to learn. still, every few days we would change our mind. one day, we decide that we should stay and another, we decide we shouldn't. it was really a tug-of-war... and we had no answers while we prepared for SISF 2013.

SISF 2013 was yet another emotional roller coaster ride for the team. you know you hadn't performed well when everyone was saying kind words and consoling you after the performance. but the vid tells no lies:

verdict: we were a mess. definitely not synchronized in many areas and many mistakes were made.
we definitely did better at the party.

to be honest, we really could have performed much better. you see, during the tech run in the afternoon, we were informed we would be the opening act. we were all soooooo excited and psyched up upon hearing this news cos it's like a validation we could actually open the show. no doubt we knew we weren't the best but it would have been such an honor! we hurried to make up and prepare in high spirits.

and then a bomb was thrown at us just before the show starts that our item has been pushed back to 4th from the last... meaning 10+ teams were ahead of us... it sounds like an excuse and yes, we shouldn't have let it affected us but the impact was there even as we tried to keep our spirits up backstage. i felt we could have performed better if we weren't given the false hope at the start... but what's done could not be undone...

i just felt bad cos we'd all put in so much effort for this and we kind of threw it away when we didn't do well. I also felt like we'd let down Dennis and Gaik who choreographed this. it's sad knowing how great it could have been if we hadn't screwed up.

group pic with our instructors after the performance

i remembered saying sorry to Gaik Leng when i first saw her and she just hugged me and say it's ok... makes me feel so sad just thinking abt it, even now.

although we learned salsa from JJ longer, i felt i could connect more with Dennis and Gaik more. perhaps it's because we are of the same age group. they were like both instructors and friends to us while i guess i had so much respect for JJ i could never view them as friends.

these 2 are one of the reasons why it's such a tough decision for us to make.

with JJ


after that night, we'd actually both kind of decided we will stay for another performance. we just couldn't bear to say goodbye to such great instructors and team. in addition, we are starting to learn shoulder level tricks! which is really exciting... plus Dennis mentioned the bash choreo could be a jazz+salsa piece. we usually can play around more with choreo for the bash but more serious for SISF as it is not a strictly salsa event. so it is definitely going to be fun!

and then in late dec, we realized that things are looking optimistic for dear dear's career and to fulfill them. it became clear that we will have to quit cos we cannot afford the commitment to the team if he wants to grab this opportunity. and thus, with a heavy heart, we made our way to JJ to inform our instructors of our decision. it's hard to do this face-to-face but we both felt that they deserve us to break the news to them personally. you know, it feels like a break up to me and as upsetting as one cos we are quitting something that we love and not because we simply don't feel like doing this any more.

we did it last sat cos i couldn't possibly imagine quitting before training on sunday itself with all our friends around. i'd probably cry and end up not being able to follow through cos i don't want to say goodbye. hum ji. actually, we had to hold back tears when we told JJ alrdy so cant imagine if it's with the whole team.

we broke the news to the team via the whatsapp group chat on sunday itself instead. which reaffirms my decision cos i really felt like i wont be able to quit if i'd done it on sunday. i'd probably go ahead with the PT and then eat back on my own words... lol

difficult as it may be. i'm really really grateful for this journey we shared with the team.  thank you JRT for being part of my life for the past 1+ years. they say that when you close one door, another will open.
we may have closed this chapter in life but we will look forward to more exciting and interesting chapters in life to come.
However, this chapter will be one of the most precious memories i'll hold close to my heart.

Happy New Year 2014!!!

I had a really great start to the year 2014! Almost an hour full, just ogling at my 偶像 (even though it's just on TV!)

I feel like a teenager once again (LOL), gushing over him and singing along.

Hope you had a great start too!


Trying out the LJ app from the phone. Shall post some pics I found on my iPhone! (Aka to be blogged soon)

SISF 2013: when all looks good in pink

Staycation at wanderlust hotel

1st time at Xcape!

TFD Christmas party

Kj and Cm's big day

New bag from dear dear!

Christmas Day: Retro night with the salsaros.


the last day of 2013

today marks the last day of year 2013 and i feel really guilty as i haven't been updating this space as much as i should/would like to.
it's not that there's nothing much to update as there are definitely events i would love to put them in words and pics so that i can remember them again when i look back. i've just been busy and then when i have some time, i got lazy. the thought of sifting through all the pics, resizing and uploading them and then putting them here makes me wanna feel like i wanna sleep more/play another round of bejeweled/watch another episode of drama etc instead.

it's been an eventful year indeed, filled with many precious memories... some of which i may never experience again.
for example, this year alone, i've changed 2 gyms, 4 of my great friends got married, i turned 30 etc etc...
so i'm definitely determined to clear all those backlogs, even if in 2014.

gotta rush off to run some errands and then to count down to the New Year with dear dear and some of his friends.
2014 will definitely be a great year too, that i am hopeful. 


There's this cute little boy with his mom
in the same lift as me.
"妈妈,我很喜欢这个阿姨” and the he buried his face into his mum's skirt in shyness and peep at me. Major cuteness!!! *melts*

But he called me 阿姨 *ouch*

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